Falsos Cognatos Inglês – Alemão

18 de setembro de 2010

Falsos Cognatos:


Os falsos cognatos são palavras idênticas ou similares a palavras em outro idioma, mas que não têm o mesmo significado. Por exemplo, a palavra fast em inglês significa “rápido”, mas em alemão é “quase”.

Classificação dos artigos: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu)


A –

absolvieren to complete a course or exam | absolve = lossprechen

e Achsel shoulder | axle = e Achse

r Advokat attorney, lawyer | advocate = r Befürworter

r After rectum | after = nach, nachher

r Akt nude (artwork); act (theater) | act (deed) = e Tat

e Aktion campaign, drive (fundraising, etc.); operation (military)
action = s Handeln; e Action (movie)
ein Mann der Tat = a man of action

aktuell current, (the) latest, up-to-date | actual(ly) = eigentlich, wirklich

alle Tage every day | all day = den ganzen Tag

e Allee boulevard, avenue | alley = e Gasse, r Durchgang

e Allüren (pl.)  affectation, airs; behavior | allure(s) = e Verlockung, e Charme

r Almanach publisher’s annual book catalog | almanac = historisches Jahrbuch

also thus, therefore | also = auch

e Ambulanz outpatient department | ambulance = r Rettungswagen/r Ambulanzwagen

e Angina sore throat, tonsillitis | angina (pectoris) = e Angina Pectoris

apart distinctive, unusual | apart = auseinander; abseits; getrennt

s Argument point, reasoned argument | argument, quarrel = r Streit

e Art kind, manner, type | art = e Kunst

r Artist circus or theatrical performer only | artist = r Künstler


B –

s Bad bath, spa; bathroom (not toilet!) | bad adj. = schlecht

bald soon | bald = kahl, glatzköpfig
Er hat eine Glatze. = He’s bald.

bang adj. freightened; uneasy | bang n. = r Knall
bangen to be afraid/concerned | bang = knallen, r Knall

bannen v. to bewitch, captivate; excommunicate | ban = verbieten, s Verbot

r Beamer LCD projector, digital projector
Note: This German Anglizismus has a completely different meaning than the American term referring to a German BMW car!

bekommen to get, receive | to become = werden

e Billion trillion | (US) billion = e Milliarde

s/r Biskuit sponge (cake/dough) | biscuit (cookie) = r Keks, (Amer.) (weiches) Brötchen

(sich) blamieren to disgrace, embarrass; make a fool of oneself | blame = e Schuld, jm. die Schuld geben

blenden to dazzle; fade (cinema); blind, hoodwink | blend = mischen

r Body Bag sling (one-shoulder) backpack | body bag = r Leichensack
Note: Body Bag is one of the more unfortunate Denglisch Body terms. Most of these faux English words in German are just funny: Body-Shop (drug store), Bodywear (underwear).

e Box speaker (stereo system), electrical junction box | box = r Kasten

r Brand fire, blaze | brand = e Marke

brav good, well-behaved | brave = tapfer, mutig

C –

r Catcher (pro) wrestler | catcher (baseball, etc.) = r Fänger

r Chef boss, head of the department | chef = r Chefkoch, Küchenchef, Koch

e City downtown, city center | city, town = e Stadt

D –

delikat difficult, tricky; careful(ly); exquisite, subtle | delicate = empfindlich, fein, zart
Note: German delikat can mean many things, but is almost never used in the sense of “delicate” (breakable, sensitive, fine) in English – with the possible exception of a “delicate (subtle) aroma” or a “delicate (tricky) situation.” It is related to Delikatessen.

s Desinteresse lack of interest | disinterest (impartiality) = e Unvoreingenommenheit, e Unparteilichkeit
desinteressiert uninterested, bored (look) | disinterested (impartial) = unvoreingenommen, unparteiisch, uneigennützig

devot (adj., literary) obsequious; humble (obs.) | devoted = treu, liebend; gewidmet

dezent discreet(ly), subdued, unobtrusive | decent = anständig, ordentlich

e Diäten pl. per diem, parliamentary allowance | diet = e Diät (-en)

e Direktion administration (office), management (office) | direction = e Richtung

e Distanz aloofness, coldness; distance (social, sport) | distance = e Entfernung

r Dom cathedral | dome = e Kuppel

e Dose can, tin | dose = e Dosis

E –

s Etikett label | etiquette = e Etikette

eventuell possibly, maybe | eventually = endlich, schließlich

r Evergreen old musical standard, classic song | evergreen = immergrün (adj.), r Nadelbaum (tree)

e Expertise report (by experts) | expertise = r Sachverstand

s Exposé outline, draft, plan (film, literature, dissertation); book/film proposal; plot plan, property description (architecture, real estate) | exposé = e Aufdeckung

extravagant flamboyant, stylish, sophisticated (tastes) | extravagant = verschwenderisch, übertrieben

e Extravaganz flamboyance, high style

e Fabrik factory | fabric = r Stoff, s Gewebe


F –

fade boring, insipid, dull | to fade = verblassen

familiär family-related; informal | familiar (well-known) = bekannt, vertraut
Er hat familiäre Probleme. = He has family problems.

e Fantasie/Phantasie imagination | fantasy = r Tagtraum

fast almost | fast = schnell; fasten (go without food)

s Formular form (to fill out) | formula = e Formel

r Fotograf photographer | photograph = s Foto, e Fotografie

e Fraktion faction, political party/group | fraction = r Bruchteil


G –

s Gas (natural) gas | gasoline/petrol = s Benzin
Note: German Gas can infer “gasoline” in expressions such as Gas geben (to step on the gas, accelerate).

e Garage garage (of a house) | garage (repairs) = e Autowerkstatt

genial brilliant, inspired, ingenious | genial = herzlich, gesellig, leutselig

s Gift poison | gift, present = s Geschenk

groß big, large, great | gross = ek(e)lig, ekelhaft (disgusting); grob (grossly), brutto, Brutto- (gross/net)

r Gully storm drain | gully = e Schlucht, Rinne

s Gymnasium secondary school, high school | gym = e Turnhalle, Sporthalle

H –

s Handy n. cell/wireless phone | handy adj. = praktisch, nützlich, handlich

r Hamburger a resident of Hamburg (can also mean the food item)

r Hang slope; tendency, inclination

herb adj. dry (wine), tart; bitter, harsh | herb n. = s Kraut

r Herd range, stove (cooking) | herd = e Herde

hissen v. hoist, raise (flag) | hiss v. = zischen

e Hochschule college, university | high school = e Gesamtschule, s Gymnasium, e Oberschule

I –

irritieren to confuse, distract, put off | to irritate, annoy = ärgern, auf die Nerven gehen (get on s.o.’s nerves), reizen (skin), irritieren (bother)

K –

e Kanne (tea, coffee) pot, kettle | can = e Dose
Note: German Kanne can mean “can” in the sense of “milk can,” “oil can” or “watering can” in English.

e Kantine cafeteria, canteen | canteen = e Feldflasche (for water)
Note: German Kantine is limited to “canteen” in the sense of “cafeteria” or “officer’s mess.”

e Kaution deposit, bail, guarantee | caution = e Vorsicht

s Kolleg lecture, series of lectures; college | college = e Hochschule, e Universität

r Kollege colleague, fellow worker | college = e Hochschule, e Universität

komfortabel luxurious | comfortable = bequem, gemütlich
ein komfortables Hotel/Auto = a luxury/luxurious hotel/car

komisch strange, odd | comic(al) = lustig

komprimieren compress, compact | compromise = zu einem Kompromiss kommen, kompromittieren

e Konfession religious denomination | confession = s Geständnis (criminal); e Beichte (religious)

r Kongress trade or business convention; (US) Congress

konkurrieren compete | concur = übereinstimmen
| conquer = erobern

konsequent consistent, logical | consequently = folglich, folgend, als Folge

e Kost food, fare | cost(s) = e Kosten (pl.)

r Kot feces, filth | cot = s Feldbett

r Kriminale (plain clothes) detective | criminal = r Verbrecher

e Kritik criticism | critic = r Kritiker / e Kritikerin

kurios odd, queer | curious = neugierig

L –

s Labor laboratory | labor n. = e Arbeit

r Lack paint(work), lacquer, varnish; nail polish | lack (of) = r Mangel

lila purple | lilac (color) = fliederfarben, zartlila

e List cunning | list = e Liste, s Verzeichnis

live only in the sense of a “live” performance | live, alive = lebendig, am Leben
Note: German-speakers often confuse the words life and live when using them in German, pronouncing both words the same way (LYFE) and using “life” as an adverb/adjective instead of a noun.

s Lokal pub, inn | local = örtlich, einheimisch, lokal (small ‘L’)


M –

e Marmelade jam | marmalade = e Orangenmarmelade

e Maschine airplane | machine = r Automat (vending machine), s Faxgerät (fax machine), e Maschine (machine, engine), e Schreibmaschine (typewriter)
die nächste Maschine nach Berlin = the next plane/flight to Berlin

s Menü daily special (restaurant) | menu = e Speisekarte; s Menü (computers)

r Minister (government) minister, secretary (US) | minister = r Pfarrer (pastor, reverend)
der Verteidigungsminister Defence Minister/Secretary of Defense

r Mist manure, dung;
So ein Mist! Damn! | mist = r Dunst, leichter Regen

s Mobbing harassment, bullying (at work, school)
mobben to harass, bully (at work) | to mob = herfallen über, belagern (fans)

mondän fashionable, smart | mundane = banal, weltlich

r Mörder murderer | murder = r Mord


N –

Nimm’s leicht! Never mind! Don’t panic! | Take it easy! = Immer mit der Ruhe!

e Noten (pl.) grades, marks (school) | notes = e Notizen (pl.)
Note: die Note can also refer to musical notes or music, banknotes, as well as tone, character, or (personal) trademark.

e Notiz(en) written note(s), brief report | (public) notice = r Anhang, e Bekanntmachung, e Anzeige (newspaper)

e Nutte hooker, prostitute | nut = e Nuss

O –

s Objekt house, piece of property (for sale) | object, goal = s Ziel

s Objektiv camera lens | objective = s Ziel

r Oldtimer antique, classic/vintage car | oldtimer (person) = alter Hase, r Veteran

ordinär vulgar, low, common | ordinary = üblich, normal

P –

r Paragraf section (of a law) | paragraph = r Absatz, r Abschnitt (in a text)
Note: Paragraf 218 refers to a section of German legal code that refers to abortion. The term has become a catch phrase in the abortion debate. The symbol § refers to Paragraf (section) in the legal sense.

e Parole motto, slogan, password | parole = e Bewährung

s Pendant counterpart; companion piece | pendant (jewelry) = r Anhänger

e Pension guest inn, small hotel | pension (retirement) = e Rente
Note: The German word Pension can also mean “retirement” or “pension payment.” Also see Rente below.

e Peperoni pl. hot chili peppers; pepper (Switz.) | pepperoni (pizza) = e Salami(-Pizza)
Note: The German word Peperoni has nothing to do with spicy sausage. If you want to order a pepperoni pizza in German, ask for eine Salami-Pizza (pron. PITS-uh).

s Perspektiv telescope; prospect(s) | perspective = e Perspektive
Note: The German word Perspektive can also mean “prospect(s)” or “angle/view.” (Die Arbeitslosen in dieser Stadt haben fast keine Perspektiven. = The unemployed in this city have almost no prospects.)

e Phantasie/Fantasie imagination | fantasy = r Tagtraum

r Pickel pimple, zit; pick axe | pickle = e Essiggurke

picken to stick, be sticky; peck | pick = (aus)wählen/aufstellen (choose), entfernen (remove), pflücken (flowers)

s Präservativ condom | (food) preservative = s Konservierungmittel

r Preis price or prize

e Provision commission, fee | provision = e Vorsorge

r Prozeß trial, law suit | process = s Verfahren, r Vorgang

s Publikum audience; customers | public = e Öffentlichkeit, öffentlich

r Puff brothel, cat house | puff = r Hauch, r Windstoß, r Zug (cigarette)


Q –

r Qualm smoke | qualm = s Bedenken, r Skrupel

r Quark type of cheese, trifle | quark (physics) = s Quark

e Quote proportion, number; rating | quote = s Zitat


R –

raffiniert clever, ingenious; sophisticated; refined | refined = fein, gebildet

r Rat advice, counsel | rat = e Ratte

realisieren carry out, implement; produce (TV, film), finalize | realize = erkennen, begreifen

s Reformhaus health food store | reform house/school = e Besserunganstalt

rentabel profitable | rentable = mietbar

e Rente annuity, pension | rent = e Miete (Also see Pension above.)
in Rente/Pension gehen = to retire (from work)

e Residenz strictly limited to the home of nobility | residence = r Wohnsitz, Wohnort, s Haus

s Rezept recipe; prescription | receipt = e Quittung, r Beleg

e Robe evening/formal gown; robe(s) (official) | (house) robe = r Morgenrock, Hausrock

r Roman novel | Roman = r Römer

r Rumpf trunk, body, torso; carcass; fuselage | rump = s Hinterteil

S –

e See / r See sea, ocean / lake | The gender is important!

r Sekt sparkling wine | (religious) sect = e Sekte

r Sender broadcaster, station (radio/TV) | sender = r Absender

sensibel sensitive | sensible = vernünftig

seriös trustworthy, reliable; respectable, honest | serious = ernst, ernsthaft

skurril droll, comical | scurrile/scurrilous = verleumderisch; grob, zotig

r Slip briefs, panties, underwear | slip = s Unterkleid, r Fehltritt (misstep)

r Slipper loafer, shoe without laces | slipper = r Pantoffel, r Hausschuh

r Smoking dinner jacket, tuxedo | smoking = s Rauchen

spenden to donate | to spend = ausgeben (money); verbringen (time)

spendieren to spend money on someone, to treat (someone to something)

r Spot TV ad; spotlight | spot = r Fleck, e Stelle, r Ort

e Spur trace, clue | spurs = e Sporen

s Stadium stage, level | stadium = s Stadion

r Stapler (Gabelstapler)  forklift | stapler = e Heftmaschine

r Star film star; starling; cataract | star = r Stern

starten to take off (plane), launch (rocket); start (computer, race, motor, etc.)
start = beginnen, anfangen, starten

r Stern star; stern (ship) | stern n. = s Achterschiff, s Heck, stern adj. = streng, hart

e Sympathie (an instant) liking; solidarity (with); good will | sympathy = s Mitleid

sympathisch likable, nice, pleasant (person) | sympathetic = mitfühlend, wohlgesinnt (favorably inclined)

synchronisieren dub (a film) | synchronize = abstimmen, gleichstellen
das Synchronschwimmen = synchronized swimming
Uhrenvergleich! = Synchronize your watches!

T –

r Tachometer speedometer | tachometer = r

See > tasten to touch | to taste = kosten, schmecken

r Tipp hint; tip (advice); bet, tip (lottery)
tippen to guess; bet / play the lottery / numbers | to tip = Trinkgeld geben
(Note: The German verb tippen can also mean “to type.”)

s Transparent banner, placard | transparent adj. = durchsichtig

r Tripper gonorrhea

U –

übersehen to overlook, miss (something) | to oversee = überwachen, beaufsichtigen

unsympathisch disagreeable, not likable / nice | unsympathetic = ablehnend; mit wenig Mitgefühl

r Unternehmer business person, employer | undertaker = r Leichenbestatter

V –

e Visite house call, round | visit = r Besuch
Note: Eine Visite can also be a formal state visit. Eine Visitenkarte is a business card or calling card.

W –

r Wall embankment, rampart | wall = e Wand (interior), e Mauer (outside)

e Wand wall | (magic) wand = r Zauberstab

war v. was | war n. = r Krieg

s Warenhaus department store (also Kaufhaus) | warehouse = s Lagerhaus

winken to wave | to wink = blinzern, zwinkern

Z –

e Zensur grade, mark (school); censorship | censor = r Zensor

r Zylinder top hat, silk hat (can also mean “cylinder”)