Style guides online – Guias de estilo online (inglês)

29 de fevereiro de 2012

Na comunidade dos Tradutores/Intérpretes do Facebook postaram este link com a relação dos mais diversos guias de estilo em inglês.

Fiquei com receio de não lembrar onde os guardei, então resolvi postar aqui. 😀

Dicas de Inglês para Alemães

7 de abril de 2011

Acabei de descobrir um site muito legal, em inglês. Mike Seymour dá dicas para os alemães sobre o idioma inglês, de forma bem-humorada, mas muito útil.

São 1.000 dicas para os alemães sobre a utilização do idioma inglês.

Há, por exemplo, o fato do alemão se referir ao celular como “handy”, o que significa apenas conveniente, habilidoso ou capaz, mas NUNCA algo referente ao celular, no caso “mobile phone”.

Em outra dica ele cita o fato dos alemães acharem que “boss” é gíria, mas a palavra designa de forma correta o chefe, ou superior.

Quanto ao termo “kitchen”, ele é usado apenas para se referir ao cômodo onde são preparados os alimentos, e não ao tipo de alimentação. Para isto é utilizado o termo “cooking”, “food” ou “cuisine”, como em “french cuisine”.

tchen is as bad as its reputation!’ When you mean the food you should use the words ‘English cooking’, ‘English cuisine’ (Yes we do use the odd French word!) or just ‘English food’.

In English the word ‘kitchen’ *only* refers to the room where you cook and prepare food. Foreign learners have asked me in the past whether ‘the English kitchen is as bad as its reputation!’ When you mean the food you should use the words ‘English cooking’, ‘English cuisine’ (Yes we do use the odd French word!) or just ‘English food’.

Pictorial Dictionary English-German

29 de março de 2011

Encontrei um dicionário inglês-alemão muito fofo para crianças. Além de apresentar as palavras de forma agradavel aos olhos ainda é ilustrado com um desenho engraçadinho. Infelizmente, há poucos registros, portanto só serve para uma introdução básica…

Neologismen / Neologismos

20 de setembro de 2010


Segue um link para o INSTITUT FÜR DEUTSCHE SPRACHE com uma

lista de neologismos dos anos 90, com explicações de tipo, variação,

ortografia e pronúncia.

Falsos Cognatos Inglês – Alemão

18 de setembro de 2010

Falsos Cognatos:


Os falsos cognatos são palavras idênticas ou similares a palavras em outro idioma, mas que não têm o mesmo significado. Por exemplo, a palavra fast em inglês significa “rápido”, mas em alemão é “quase”.

Classificação dos artigos: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu)


A –

absolvieren to complete a course or exam | absolve = lossprechen

e Achsel shoulder | axle = e Achse

r Advokat attorney, lawyer | advocate = r Befürworter

r After rectum | after = nach, nachher

r Akt nude (artwork); act (theater) | act (deed) = e Tat

e Aktion campaign, drive (fundraising, etc.); operation (military)
action = s Handeln; e Action (movie)
ein Mann der Tat = a man of action

aktuell current, (the) latest, up-to-date | actual(ly) = eigentlich, wirklich

alle Tage every day | all day = den ganzen Tag

e Allee boulevard, avenue | alley = e Gasse, r Durchgang

e Allüren (pl.)  affectation, airs; behavior | allure(s) = e Verlockung, e Charme

r Almanach publisher’s annual book catalog | almanac = historisches Jahrbuch

also thus, therefore | also = auch

e Ambulanz outpatient department | ambulance = r Rettungswagen/r Ambulanzwagen

e Angina sore throat, tonsillitis | angina (pectoris) = e Angina Pectoris

apart distinctive, unusual | apart = auseinander; abseits; getrennt

s Argument point, reasoned argument | argument, quarrel = r Streit

e Art kind, manner, type | art = e Kunst

r Artist circus or theatrical performer only | artist = r Künstler


B –

s Bad bath, spa; bathroom (not toilet!) | bad adj. = schlecht

bald soon | bald = kahl, glatzköpfig
Er hat eine Glatze. = He’s bald.

bang adj. freightened; uneasy | bang n. = r Knall
bangen to be afraid/concerned | bang = knallen, r Knall

bannen v. to bewitch, captivate; excommunicate | ban = verbieten, s Verbot

r Beamer LCD projector, digital projector
Note: This German Anglizismus has a completely different meaning than the American term referring to a German BMW car!

bekommen to get, receive | to become = werden

e Billion trillion | (US) billion = e Milliarde

s/r Biskuit sponge (cake/dough) | biscuit (cookie) = r Keks, (Amer.) (weiches) Brötchen

(sich) blamieren to disgrace, embarrass; make a fool of oneself | blame = e Schuld, jm. die Schuld geben

blenden to dazzle; fade (cinema); blind, hoodwink | blend = mischen

r Body Bag sling (one-shoulder) backpack | body bag = r Leichensack
Note: Body Bag is one of the more unfortunate Denglisch Body terms. Most of these faux English words in German are just funny: Body-Shop (drug store), Bodywear (underwear).

e Box speaker (stereo system), electrical junction box | box = r Kasten

r Brand fire, blaze | brand = e Marke

brav good, well-behaved | brave = tapfer, mutig

C –

r Catcher (pro) wrestler | catcher (baseball, etc.) = r Fänger

r Chef boss, head of the department | chef = r Chefkoch, Küchenchef, Koch

e City downtown, city center | city, town = e Stadt

D –

delikat difficult, tricky; careful(ly); exquisite, subtle | delicate = empfindlich, fein, zart
Note: German delikat can mean many things, but is almost never used in the sense of “delicate” (breakable, sensitive, fine) in English – with the possible exception of a “delicate (subtle) aroma” or a “delicate (tricky) situation.” It is related to Delikatessen.

s Desinteresse lack of interest | disinterest (impartiality) = e Unvoreingenommenheit, e Unparteilichkeit
desinteressiert uninterested, bored (look) | disinterested (impartial) = unvoreingenommen, unparteiisch, uneigennützig

devot (adj., literary) obsequious; humble (obs.) | devoted = treu, liebend; gewidmet

dezent discreet(ly), subdued, unobtrusive | decent = anständig, ordentlich

e Diäten pl. per diem, parliamentary allowance | diet = e Diät (-en)

e Direktion administration (office), management (office) | direction = e Richtung

e Distanz aloofness, coldness; distance (social, sport) | distance = e Entfernung

r Dom cathedral | dome = e Kuppel

e Dose can, tin | dose = e Dosis

E –

s Etikett label | etiquette = e Etikette

eventuell possibly, maybe | eventually = endlich, schließlich

r Evergreen old musical standard, classic song | evergreen = immergrün (adj.), r Nadelbaum (tree)

e Expertise report (by experts) | expertise = r Sachverstand

s Exposé outline, draft, plan (film, literature, dissertation); book/film proposal; plot plan, property description (architecture, real estate) | exposé = e Aufdeckung

extravagant flamboyant, stylish, sophisticated (tastes) | extravagant = verschwenderisch, übertrieben

e Extravaganz flamboyance, high style

e Fabrik factory | fabric = r Stoff, s Gewebe


F –

fade boring, insipid, dull | to fade = verblassen

familiär family-related; informal | familiar (well-known) = bekannt, vertraut
Er hat familiäre Probleme. = He has family problems.

e Fantasie/Phantasie imagination | fantasy = r Tagtraum

fast almost | fast = schnell; fasten (go without food)

s Formular form (to fill out) | formula = e Formel

r Fotograf photographer | photograph = s Foto, e Fotografie

e Fraktion faction, political party/group | fraction = r Bruchteil


G –

s Gas (natural) gas | gasoline/petrol = s Benzin
Note: German Gas can infer “gasoline” in expressions such as Gas geben (to step on the gas, accelerate).

e Garage garage (of a house) | garage (repairs) = e Autowerkstatt

genial brilliant, inspired, ingenious | genial = herzlich, gesellig, leutselig

s Gift poison | gift, present = s Geschenk

groß big, large, great | gross = ek(e)lig, ekelhaft (disgusting); grob (grossly), brutto, Brutto- (gross/net)

r Gully storm drain | gully = e Schlucht, Rinne

s Gymnasium secondary school, high school | gym = e Turnhalle, Sporthalle

H –

s Handy n. cell/wireless phone | handy adj. = praktisch, nützlich, handlich

r Hamburger a resident of Hamburg (can also mean the food item)

r Hang slope; tendency, inclination

herb adj. dry (wine), tart; bitter, harsh | herb n. = s Kraut

r Herd range, stove (cooking) | herd = e Herde

hissen v. hoist, raise (flag) | hiss v. = zischen

e Hochschule college, university | high school = e Gesamtschule, s Gymnasium, e Oberschule

I –

irritieren to confuse, distract, put off | to irritate, annoy = ärgern, auf die Nerven gehen (get on s.o.’s nerves), reizen (skin), irritieren (bother)

K –

e Kanne (tea, coffee) pot, kettle | can = e Dose
Note: German Kanne can mean “can” in the sense of “milk can,” “oil can” or “watering can” in English.

e Kantine cafeteria, canteen | canteen = e Feldflasche (for water)
Note: German Kantine is limited to “canteen” in the sense of “cafeteria” or “officer’s mess.”

e Kaution deposit, bail, guarantee | caution = e Vorsicht

s Kolleg lecture, series of lectures; college | college = e Hochschule, e Universität

r Kollege colleague, fellow worker | college = e Hochschule, e Universität

komfortabel luxurious | comfortable = bequem, gemütlich
ein komfortables Hotel/Auto = a luxury/luxurious hotel/car

komisch strange, odd | comic(al) = lustig

komprimieren compress, compact | compromise = zu einem Kompromiss kommen, kompromittieren

e Konfession religious denomination | confession = s Geständnis (criminal); e Beichte (religious)

r Kongress trade or business convention; (US) Congress

konkurrieren compete | concur = übereinstimmen
| conquer = erobern

konsequent consistent, logical | consequently = folglich, folgend, als Folge

e Kost food, fare | cost(s) = e Kosten (pl.)

r Kot feces, filth | cot = s Feldbett

r Kriminale (plain clothes) detective | criminal = r Verbrecher

e Kritik criticism | critic = r Kritiker / e Kritikerin

kurios odd, queer | curious = neugierig

L –

s Labor laboratory | labor n. = e Arbeit

r Lack paint(work), lacquer, varnish; nail polish | lack (of) = r Mangel

lila purple | lilac (color) = fliederfarben, zartlila

e List cunning | list = e Liste, s Verzeichnis

live only in the sense of a “live” performance | live, alive = lebendig, am Leben
Note: German-speakers often confuse the words life and live when using them in German, pronouncing both words the same way (LYFE) and using “life” as an adverb/adjective instead of a noun.

s Lokal pub, inn | local = örtlich, einheimisch, lokal (small ‘L’)


M –

e Marmelade jam | marmalade = e Orangenmarmelade

e Maschine airplane | machine = r Automat (vending machine), s Faxgerät (fax machine), e Maschine (machine, engine), e Schreibmaschine (typewriter)
die nächste Maschine nach Berlin = the next plane/flight to Berlin

s Menü daily special (restaurant) | menu = e Speisekarte; s Menü (computers)

r Minister (government) minister, secretary (US) | minister = r Pfarrer (pastor, reverend)
der Verteidigungsminister Defence Minister/Secretary of Defense

r Mist manure, dung;
So ein Mist! Damn! | mist = r Dunst, leichter Regen

s Mobbing harassment, bullying (at work, school)
mobben to harass, bully (at work) | to mob = herfallen über, belagern (fans)

mondän fashionable, smart | mundane = banal, weltlich

r Mörder murderer | murder = r Mord


N –

Nimm’s leicht! Never mind! Don’t panic! | Take it easy! = Immer mit der Ruhe!

e Noten (pl.) grades, marks (school) | notes = e Notizen (pl.)
Note: die Note can also refer to musical notes or music, banknotes, as well as tone, character, or (personal) trademark.

e Notiz(en) written note(s), brief report | (public) notice = r Anhang, e Bekanntmachung, e Anzeige (newspaper)

e Nutte hooker, prostitute | nut = e Nuss

O –

s Objekt house, piece of property (for sale) | object, goal = s Ziel

s Objektiv camera lens | objective = s Ziel

r Oldtimer antique, classic/vintage car | oldtimer (person) = alter Hase, r Veteran

ordinär vulgar, low, common | ordinary = üblich, normal

P –

r Paragraf section (of a law) | paragraph = r Absatz, r Abschnitt (in a text)
Note: Paragraf 218 refers to a section of German legal code that refers to abortion. The term has become a catch phrase in the abortion debate. The symbol § refers to Paragraf (section) in the legal sense.

e Parole motto, slogan, password | parole = e Bewährung

s Pendant counterpart; companion piece | pendant (jewelry) = r Anhänger

e Pension guest inn, small hotel | pension (retirement) = e Rente
Note: The German word Pension can also mean “retirement” or “pension payment.” Also see Rente below.

e Peperoni pl. hot chili peppers; pepper (Switz.) | pepperoni (pizza) = e Salami(-Pizza)
Note: The German word Peperoni has nothing to do with spicy sausage. If you want to order a pepperoni pizza in German, ask for eine Salami-Pizza (pron. PITS-uh).

s Perspektiv telescope; prospect(s) | perspective = e Perspektive
Note: The German word Perspektive can also mean “prospect(s)” or “angle/view.” (Die Arbeitslosen in dieser Stadt haben fast keine Perspektiven. = The unemployed in this city have almost no prospects.)

e Phantasie/Fantasie imagination | fantasy = r Tagtraum

r Pickel pimple, zit; pick axe | pickle = e Essiggurke

picken to stick, be sticky; peck | pick = (aus)wählen/aufstellen (choose), entfernen (remove), pflücken (flowers)

s Präservativ condom | (food) preservative = s Konservierungmittel

r Preis price or prize

e Provision commission, fee | provision = e Vorsorge

r Prozeß trial, law suit | process = s Verfahren, r Vorgang

s Publikum audience; customers | public = e Öffentlichkeit, öffentlich

r Puff brothel, cat house | puff = r Hauch, r Windstoß, r Zug (cigarette)


Q –

r Qualm smoke | qualm = s Bedenken, r Skrupel

r Quark type of cheese, trifle | quark (physics) = s Quark

e Quote proportion, number; rating | quote = s Zitat


R –

raffiniert clever, ingenious; sophisticated; refined | refined = fein, gebildet

r Rat advice, counsel | rat = e Ratte

realisieren carry out, implement; produce (TV, film), finalize | realize = erkennen, begreifen

s Reformhaus health food store | reform house/school = e Besserunganstalt

rentabel profitable | rentable = mietbar

e Rente annuity, pension | rent = e Miete (Also see Pension above.)
in Rente/Pension gehen = to retire (from work)

e Residenz strictly limited to the home of nobility | residence = r Wohnsitz, Wohnort, s Haus

s Rezept recipe; prescription | receipt = e Quittung, r Beleg

e Robe evening/formal gown; robe(s) (official) | (house) robe = r Morgenrock, Hausrock

r Roman novel | Roman = r Römer

r Rumpf trunk, body, torso; carcass; fuselage | rump = s Hinterteil

S –

e See / r See sea, ocean / lake | The gender is important!

r Sekt sparkling wine | (religious) sect = e Sekte

r Sender broadcaster, station (radio/TV) | sender = r Absender

sensibel sensitive | sensible = vernünftig

seriös trustworthy, reliable; respectable, honest | serious = ernst, ernsthaft

skurril droll, comical | scurrile/scurrilous = verleumderisch; grob, zotig

r Slip briefs, panties, underwear | slip = s Unterkleid, r Fehltritt (misstep)

r Slipper loafer, shoe without laces | slipper = r Pantoffel, r Hausschuh

r Smoking dinner jacket, tuxedo | smoking = s Rauchen

spenden to donate | to spend = ausgeben (money); verbringen (time)

spendieren to spend money on someone, to treat (someone to something)

r Spot TV ad; spotlight | spot = r Fleck, e Stelle, r Ort

e Spur trace, clue | spurs = e Sporen

s Stadium stage, level | stadium = s Stadion

r Stapler (Gabelstapler)  forklift | stapler = e Heftmaschine

r Star film star; starling; cataract | star = r Stern

starten to take off (plane), launch (rocket); start (computer, race, motor, etc.)
start = beginnen, anfangen, starten

r Stern star; stern (ship) | stern n. = s Achterschiff, s Heck, stern adj. = streng, hart

e Sympathie (an instant) liking; solidarity (with); good will | sympathy = s Mitleid

sympathisch likable, nice, pleasant (person) | sympathetic = mitfühlend, wohlgesinnt (favorably inclined)

synchronisieren dub (a film) | synchronize = abstimmen, gleichstellen
das Synchronschwimmen = synchronized swimming
Uhrenvergleich! = Synchronize your watches!

T –

r Tachometer speedometer | tachometer = r

See > tasten to touch | to taste = kosten, schmecken

r Tipp hint; tip (advice); bet, tip (lottery)
tippen to guess; bet / play the lottery / numbers | to tip = Trinkgeld geben
(Note: The German verb tippen can also mean “to type.”)

s Transparent banner, placard | transparent adj. = durchsichtig

r Tripper gonorrhea

U –

übersehen to overlook, miss (something) | to oversee = überwachen, beaufsichtigen

unsympathisch disagreeable, not likable / nice | unsympathetic = ablehnend; mit wenig Mitgefühl

r Unternehmer business person, employer | undertaker = r Leichenbestatter

V –

e Visite house call, round | visit = r Besuch
Note: Eine Visite can also be a formal state visit. Eine Visitenkarte is a business card or calling card.

W –

r Wall embankment, rampart | wall = e Wand (interior), e Mauer (outside)

e Wand wall | (magic) wand = r Zauberstab

war v. was | war n. = r Krieg

s Warenhaus department store (also Kaufhaus) | warehouse = s Lagerhaus

winken to wave | to wink = blinzern, zwinkern

Z –

e Zensur grade, mark (school); censorship | censor = r Zensor

r Zylinder top hat, silk hat (can also mean “cylinder”)

E-books grátis para webdesigners (inglês)

20 de agosto de 2010

Aqui aparecem 10 e-books grátis para webdesigners com assuntos que variam desde o planejamento do seu negócio ate o webdesign em si. Há versões disponíveis em PDF e HTML.